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What is Attestation ?

Certificate Attestation is a process of authenticating or legalizing an educational or non educational certificates by the respective Embassy or Consulate. For example to get attestation for UAE the document has to be submitted to UAE embassy or consulate in Delhi. Before submitting the document to the Embassy it has to be attestated by Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) and respective state Home Departments of that particular state to which that document belongs to. This procedure varies according to the type of document. In some cases certificates has also to be attestated by Notary before submitting to the Home Department. In some of the state HRD documents can be attested directly whereas in some states documents required to be first attested from the respective embassy. This particular information can be had from our office

Why attestation is done?  

When you present a legal document in a foreign country, it is often very difficult to determine whether the document is genuine and legal and therefore overseas governments sometimes need proof that the Indian documents which you hold is a genuine and not fake, or the signatures of Indian officials on

documents, are genuine before they will accept them. The reason for that is job competition with locals/ or to get admission in various courses. Attestation is universal whether you come from Srilanka or America or India. It is the verification of the document.  In the attestation / legalization process your documents passes through various level of deparment to confirm that this document is genuine. The attestation process first starts from state level (Home department of states) and after that Central Govt level, Ministry of External affairs (MEA) and at lastCertificate Authentication or attestation has to be completed from India or the Country of Origin from where the Certificates are issued.

What documents I need to get attested to get an employment visa?

Normally only the highest qualification education document is required to be attested. It is not necessary to get the attestation on all your education documents. For some jobs based in post graduation qualification, graduation certificates may also be required to be attested. However this should be first confirmed from the employer, because sometime it depends on the nature and category of the employment.
What documents I need to get attested to apply for a student visa?
All educational Certificates and Mark Sheets including 10th and 12th are required to be attested for Higher education purpose abroad.What documents I need to get attested to get a visa for family (Dependent Visa)If you are interested for your spouse or family visa then you will require the attestation for marriage certificates and date of Birth certificates of your kids (if any). The process of attestation of non-educational document is much simplified as compared to educational documents.. The certificate should be attested from the Ministry of External affairs (MEA) in India and then form the concerned Embassy.
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